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Mourits Huidtherapie & doctors is the number 1 clinic for cosmetic and medical treatments in The Hague & Amsterdam. You can visit us for various treatments.

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Laser hair removal for men and women

TCA peel

Schaamstreek bleken

Pubic area bleaching

Tatoeage Removal

Tattoo Removal

Bloedonderzoek voeding intoleranties

Blood Test food intolerance

Cosmelan - pigment killer

Cosmelan – pigment killer


Meso Hair

You can easily make an appointment with us to come by for more information or a conversation about your skin problem. We are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapy and all our therapists are also registered with the quality register of paramedics.

What treatments do we offer?

You can come to us at Mourits skin therapy for a whole lot of different types of matters that match your skin problems. Our goal is to help everyone in the best way with their skin problems. Our dermatologists are trained at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and have therefore laid a very good foundation to carry out this profession in the very best way. We can therefore offer many different treatments.

Think for example of laser therapy, microneedling, TCA peeling and much more! We are also always ready in one of our practices to tell you more about our way of treatment. We can also always be reached by e-mail for other questions!

Mourits Huidtherapie
Wat is microneedling bij Mourits?

What is microneedling at Mourits?

One of our popular forms of skin therapy is microneedling. Because our skin therapists are well trained, you can expect the best treatments in our practice. Microneedling is therefore one of them. In microneedling, the skin is actually pricked repeatedly with small, clean needles. With this treatment you can find a solution for various skin problems, such as scars, acne or, for example, UV damage.

If you are struggling with one of these problems, it is of course nice to find a solution for it. It is therefore highly recommended to try one of our microneedling treatments!

Laser hair removal treatments

In addition to microneedling, we at Mourits also specialize in other types of care. Our patients are also happy to visit us for laser treatments. With these treatments we help you if you experience problems with your hair growth. It is an easy way to cope with it all before the summer, but also nice if you really suffer from excessive hair. With a laser treatment, the hair follicles are actually destroyed by means of the laser beams. As a result, the hairs grow back a lot less quickly and you do not suffer from all the hair on your body and you can enjoy yourself! This is also a very pleasant treatment!
Mourits Huidtherapie

TCA peeling at Mourits

Another treatment for which our skin therapists are well trained during their skin therapy training is the TCA peeling. We also offer this peeling from Mourits, and our patients are happy to come back for it. With a TCA peeling you ensure that your top layer of skin will peel off more quickly. Because this process is accelerated, you ensure that irregularities can disappear. In addition, by flaking off the top layer of skin, you stimulate the underlying skin to start making new skin cells. This also promotes blood circulation and collagen production, which is also good for the skin in your face!
Safe & effective
Experienced skin therapists

Free online skin advice

High-quality lasers
Reviews Mourits Huidtherapie

Megan Arenberg Peeters


Heel tevreden over de huidbehandelingen en specialisten. De service is prima. Mourits Huidtherapie is klantvriendelijk en het is mooi en schoon in de kliniek.

Jessica Burger


Super fijne praktijk. Allereerst word je altijd vriendelijk geholpen aan de telefoon en denken ze echt met je mee. Ikzelf heb een hydrafacial behandeling gehad en ook die was top. Stralend mooi huidje en fijne adviezen. Als je nog twijfelt over welke huidtherapeut je naartoe wilt gaan, zou ik zeker Mourits Huidtherapie aanraden!



Ik ben bij heel veel huidtherapeuten, dermatologen en schoonheidsspecialisten geweest om mijn huid te verbeteren. Nooit tevreden geweest. Tot ik bij Simcha kwam. Ze is superlief en legt alles goed uit. Altijd gezellig. En het resultaat is geweldig. Mijn huid is echt heel erg verbeterd. Ik ben nu al een jaar een vaste klant bij Sim. En zal dat ook zeker blijven.

Evelien Kraaijenbrink


Sinds kort ga ik naar Mourits Huidtherapie vanwege rest acne. Na 2 behandelingen al zo tevreden. Ik kijk er naar uit om na de zomer verder te gaan met de rest van de behandelingen. Ik voel me nergens zo op mijn gemak als bij Simcha. Een professionele en super lieve huidtherapeut die eerlijk en open met je meedenkt over realistische doelen.

Khadija Saidi


Mourits huidtherapie is echt een life saver. Iedereen die daar werkt heeft de juiste kennis. Ze weten precies wat ze doen. En heel vriendelijk. Mijn huid is er zo veel op vooruit gegaan. Ik kan niet zonder ze! Top top top

Sarah Verhoef


Ik ben nog nooit ergens zo effectief geholpen als bij Simcha! Ze weet waar ze het over heeft, stelt je op je gemak en geeft je een passend advies. Daarnaast is ze echt een lieverd. Ook al is Mourits Huidtherapie niet bij mij in de buurt qua afstand, ik blijf terugkomen! Alles voor een mooie huid. She’s the best!



Superfijne praktijk! Als je resultaat wil, ga hierheen écht! Simcha en Zarina behandelen mij altijd professioneel! De andere dames die ik heb gesproken zijn ook super vriendelijk en behulpzaam, ook aan de telefoon

Debbie Mens


Zeker een aanrader om naar Mourits Huidtherapie te gaan, Simcha is een onwijs lieve en spontane dame die weet wat ze doet. Ze is eerlijk over de behandelingen en ze voert haar werk uit met passie. Mourits Huidtherapie ik zie je snel in je nieuwe salon! Liefs Debbie

Danique Smith


Afgelopen jaren veel last gehad van acne en littekens.. na veel zalfjes, pilletjes en onzekerheid ben ik bij mourits huidtherapie uitgekomen. Super lief ontvangen en stap voor stap uitleg over de behandeling. Ondertussen heb ik 2 behandelingen gehad met veel resultaat. Ik blijf zeker vaste klant.

Remove Tattoos

In addition to treatments to make the skin on the face look more beautiful, we at Mourits also offer treatments related to the removal of tattoos from the skin. Our therapists are again well trained for this and they can also tell you a lot about it. The process of removing a tattoo is largely done with the help of lasers. This treatment can be sensitive and even hurt a little.

Nevertheless, we try to make the treatment as pleasant and pleasant as possible. You can therefore also contact one of our practices for a problem on the skin related to a tattoo.

Verwijderen van tatoeages
Oprichter & eigenaar van Mourits Huidtherapie

What problems can you contact Mourits for?

In addition to all the treatments we have just discussed, our patients are also very happy with all the other treatments we offer. For example, you can think of reducing acne, scar reduction, therapies regarding pigment spots, skin aging or stretch marks and treatments for hair loss. In addition, we are always ready to answer your questions about skin problems such as dry skin, warts, burns, lip filling and so on.

Why go to a skin therapist?

A skin therapist is the expert when it comes to the care and therapy of your skin. After all, your skin is your largest organ. There are almost 2 million people in the Netherlands who have a skin disorder and feel insecure because of it. Of course, this does not always have to be the case.

Our skin therapists like to help people treat these skin conditions in a professional, safe and effective way. We would like to give you that self-confidence again! You can expect adequate treatment from our specialists.

They also give you tips and advice afterwards on the best care for your skin. A great thing is that most treatments can be reimbursed by your health insurance company. Make sure you have checked this!

Waarom een huidtherapeut
Behandelingen bij Mourits

Treatments at Mourits

Now the only question you may have is why you should plan this treatment with us from Mourits. This question is also easy to answer. Because our skin therapists have followed the best training in skin therapy, they know exactly how you can best help you. In addition to the best training courses, we at Mourits are also affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. Our therapists are all affiliated with the quality register of paramedics, so you are really assured of the very best help!
Safe & effective
Experienced skin therapists

Free online skin advice

High-quality lasers

Do you need personal advice?

Contact us at 085 019 7326 or Whatsapp 06-18477942

You can rest assured that you are in good hands.
We are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH)
& registered in the Quality Register Paramedics (KP).

We work together with all health insurers.

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